3 Super Easy Tips to Boost Country Club Revenue

Every business wants to make money and increase their profits, and a country club is no different. Though many clubs are finding it tough to keep their revenue from sinking, some have found out about useful tips to help keep their club afloat and greatly increase their revenue. Let’s look at some of the tips that have helped hundreds of country clubs around the world.

Offer Bundles

Customers love a good deal, so extend them often by offering bundles of products and services. This will encourage more visitors as well as more purchases, which will result in more revenue. Even customers that don’t want to spend as much can be provided with a good deal to lure them in, such as cheap memberships that include discounts on things like equipment or meals.

Club management

An Incentive Program

You don’t have to be frugal to enjoy getting a good deal, so offering an incentive program may be more lucrative than you’d expect. Club management experts recommend incentive programs to keep visitors returning and can also influence their purchasing decision or what brands they use. You can choose a points system or some other type of incentive program for your golf club.


Another easy way to increase the profits of your country club, enhance customer loyalty, and bring in new members is to sell merchandise showing off your club’s brand. It’s easier than you’d expect to create enticing umbrellas, visors, golf shirts, and other items for club members to wear. You can also offer this merchandise in incentive programs, making them even more worthwhile.

There are also other things you can do to enhance your country club’s profits and see an increase in revenue, so play around and get create with what you offer members to see what they enjoy and take advantage of.